Wednesday, July 4, 2012


Sshhhh. He's sleeping. The boy must get some rest.
A weekend on the go, has left him tired and stressed.
Talk to him tomorrow when he wakes up quite refreshed.
Disturb him now and he will be, nowhere near his best.

Sweet dreams dear boy.

Sunday, December 25, 2011


Women in my childhood days,
Wearing longish dresses;
Older sisters on Sundays,
My memory refreshes;
Unwanted whiteness,
Their petticoats are showing;
Necessary politeness,
Tells them where it's snowing.

Sunday, June 19, 2011


You seem to understand the concept of eternity fairly well, and you have philosophically accepted the reality of eternity with good grace, but have you experienced the influence of eternity?

I know you meditate and make plans, of course you have to do this. One day at a time is all you ask, and that is a fair request. The bus ride into the city, the walk in the park, the crowds of people milling around, the sights and the sounds, the smells and the sensations, these occupy your mind for a while, but on their own they do not lead you to an awareness of eternity.

In this life you are in fact a newbie to eternity, the awareness of it that is, and like any newbie the one thing you lack most is experience.

I know that at first you didn't like to think about this concept of something existing with no beginning or ending, something that has no natural mid-point and no before and after, but now you concede that the reality of this vast continuum is bigger than anything your mind has the ability to comprehend and this is an excellent foundation upon which to build your experience.

I was able to watch you struggling with the burdensome expectations placed upon you at an early age, and I saw you falter and fail under them many times because of their weight and awkward dimensions.

But now I am pleased to see that you have learned to carry these expectations with ease and style, and I notice with approval that you have learned the fine art of balancing the pain of persecution with the pleasure of popularity.

It is expected that at some point in time you will die whilst unstoppably the influence of eternity upon you will continue forever. I have in many ways told you much about this, and it seems logical to me that if before your inevitable death you have already experienced the influence of eternity upon you then you will not be completely unprepared for its unfettered ambiance.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


We once were friends
But are no more,
Our friendship lost
In silly war.

By rising up
To conquer me,
Each one now is
An enemy.

Who drew first blood
And used their guns?
I could insist
They were the ones.

Be first to love
Those enemies,
Forgiving them
These memories.

Friday, March 18, 2011


When keeping watch over empty spaces -
Let riddle and rhyme be a sign of the time.

When thrown across many mad generations -
Let puzzle and pun help the emperor's son.

When meeting with those who forfeit forgiveness -
Let metaphor be the heart of the matter.

When sagely reigning in power and pain -
Let allegory clothe both former and latter.


Almighty God Eternal

Creator Of All Things

Saviour Sovereign Redeemer

King Of All Those Who Are Kings

Jesus Christ Emanuel

Lord Of All Those Who Are Lords

Word Of God In Splendour

Sharper Than All Other Swords.

Scripture Reference: Hebrews 4:12

Saturday, February 5, 2011


Riddle me this and riddle me that,
Why did the cat in the hat come back?
He came to ask Sam for some green eggs and ham,
But I see that you still don't know who I am.
Puzzle me this and laugh if you wish,
My British cousin is like a big fish.
Helen Clark likes to get on with a meeting,
But she looks at a menu to see what she's eating.
Let riddle and rhyme be a sign of the time,
Let puzzle and pun help the Emperor's son,
Let metaphor be the heart of the matter,
And allegory clothe both former and latter.
When I tell you this secret how long will you keep it?
In truth will you know how to speak it?
When I see on the box my friend the smart fox,
Will he be willing to carefully repeat it?
Dark forces kidnapped and drove me insane,
And I've been in real pain as I've tried to explain,
That my D.N.A. is that which I gain,
From an unbroken line back to King Charlemagne.
Camilla will see a caterpillar pupate,
And then she will know what to sing.
Charles will have butterflies of a kind,
And then he will know he's the king.
Jacqueline Iris Coldham-Fussell and Jillian Rose Greening are twins,
If they stand on a hill, how much water will spill,
As my triple crown reign begins?
--- --- ---
© 2005

Motto of The Most Honourable Order of the Bath: 

"Tria In Juncta In Uno"

(Three Joined In One)